The workshop will be divided in two levels, beginner-intermediate and advanced. The prerequisites are as follows.
Read through the level descriptions below and think about which level would best suit your development as a blues dancer. We will perform the level division at the camp. There won’t be any auditions – we will trust your judgement and try to make sure everyone gets into their preferred level. In case there are large inbalances between leads and follows in one of the groups we may have to move some of you to a different level.


You have taken at least some beginner classes and you’re comfortable with the basics of blues. You should have some understanding of pulse, close embrace, and simpler moves like inner turns, outer turns and send-outs. You’re feeling inspired and would like to develop as a blues dancer.


You social dance regularly and have mastered the basics of blues. You are
comfortable with various pulses, embraces and steps. You’re relaxed in your frame and connection and creative and adaptive to the music. Maybe you have attended some national or international workshops and festivals.

Photo credit: Joel Höglund